Minerva Transport Planning Company

Minerva Transport Planning Company (MTPCo) was devised by its director, David Bannister, as a niche provider of specialised rail operations and strategy advice. David identified that a gap in the market existed, with smaller firms offering services for operations or strategy – but not both – and larger engineering firms providing the capability, without a specialised focus.

MTPCo is founded on the belief that rail operations and strategy are intrinsically linked, rather than mutually exclusive. An operational plan for a railway is of little benefit if it does not fit into the broader strategy for the transportation network. Similarly, a grand transport strategy is meaningless if it cannot be realistically operated. In bridging the divide between these specialties, MTPCo is able to provide agencies and operators with a holistic solution to their short and long term rail planning issues.

The company is named after Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategy. Minerva was chosen as the namesake of the company as the qualities she embodies – such as consideration, planning, and understanding – are critical to developing rail operations and strategies.


The words ‘honesty’ and ‘integrity’ not only describe the ethos of MTPCo, but the manner in which we approach every aspect of every engagement. Rigorous scientific assessment provides the truth in answering every question, regardless of preconceived ideas or conventional wisdom.

We believe that competency is a key trait, and we are experts in our field. We will never take work that is beyond our expertise, and the engagements we undertake will benefit from our exceptional qualifications and skills in the discipline. Each individual situation and project is approached in a bespoke manner to develop the solution – we don’t abide by a ‘template’ approach.

Working for public transport operators and government, we understand that we are working for the public good. We take pride in our efficiency and value for money proposition, and we are focussed on the benefits and outcomes of our work. We understand that better public transport means a better society, and a better economy.